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This direction includes a number of development projects on the Crimean peninsula and in Zaporozhye.

Real estateReal estateReal estate
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"River Plaza" Business Centre
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«River Plaza» Business Centre (Zaporozhye, Ukraine)

GBA (Global Building Area), the building total area is equal to 13 000 m2

GLA (Global Leasing Area), the trade area is equal to 9000 m2

This is a unique multifunctional modern complex including vast trade, entertainment and office areas. The Centre is situated in the historical part of the city not far from municipal administrative and trading centers and near to the principal highways.

The Business Center panorama windows show the wonderful view of the Dnieper River and Naberezhnaya highway.

The Business Centre building is situated near the central city beach where summer restaurants, cafes and other entertainment centers are located. There is a picturesque natural lake on the territory of the Center that has been attracting for many years the city inhabitants to spend their leisure time by enjoying themselves close to nature.

The principal business adventure of such location can be explained by the fact that "River Plaza" Business Centre is situated in the middle of automobile traffic from Naberezhnaya highway to Lenina Avenue as well as close to a new bridge being now in the process of construction that is expected to connect in the future the right and left banks of Zaporozhye city.

The general plan and architecture of "River Plaza" Business Centre have been designed by involving Aedas bureau.

The Centre has considerable advantages not only due to its location in the most outstanding business district of Zaporozhye, but also because of up-to-date solution of each detail. Advanced engineering technologies and constructive solutions provide the functionality of the Centre by meeting requirements of premium trading and business centers.

The interior of the business center is decorated pursuant to exclusive design projects in a hi-tech style, and each interior is unique in its own way, but all of them along with the architecture are united by the idea of simple forms, light and lightness. The interior composition of offices of "River Plaza" Business Centre is based on principles of comfort, laconism and exclusive functionality.

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Tourist and Hotel Complex
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The tourist and hotel complex is situated in the best health resort zone of the Crimean peninsula near Koshka Mountain and Goluboy Zaliv urban settlement.

This region is widely known by a combination of its healing mountain air saturated with useful phyto-elements, as well as by amazingly beautiful and magnificent landscapes. They say that the sea, mountain and forest air creates here the particular climate similar to the healing one of the famous Mediterranean resorts of Italy, France and Spain.

They plan to create the entire infrastructure here to conduct meetings and events in informal atmosphere and corporate entertainment. The guests will be provided with unlimited opportunities to vary their leisure time by having at their disposal such objects as: a marvelous ancient park, swimming pools, observatory, sports grounds, courts and summerhouses.

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"Golden Beach" Complex
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«Golden Beach» Complex (Yalta, Ukraine) is a number of exclusive luxurious apartments on the Black Sea shore.

New construction is planned to be organized near the wonderful park with valuable tree sorts, alleys and observing sites. The construction area borders on mountain slopes in the North-West and on the sea shore in the South-East. All the objects blend well with the surrounding cultural landscape, and the project provides for maximum use of the ancient park. The complex is designed to turn a new leaf in the resort history of the Southern shore of Crimea. 

The principal novelty of the project is its original strategy of sea shore development. «Point» construction allows to maximum preserve the existing park, while the worked out balance guarantees the preservation of the valuable natural and cultural layer.

The complex of apartments includes 11 towers of different floorage, infrastructure objects and beach complex. All apartments are provided with closed panorama glazing, round terraces with glass enclosing. Terraces and lift halls are paved with natural stone. The towers are equipped with ThyssenKrupp lifts and full set of engineering systems in shell & core volume, including central ventilation and conditioning systems, heating, water supply systems, sewerage, communication and security systems. The upper two floors of each tower are combined to form a penthouse with exit to the roof where a recreation zone can be arranged.

«Golden Beach» is a self-satisfying complex, including a SPA-hotel, apartments and all necessary sanatorium and resort infrastructure, including: parks, beaches, cafes, restaurants, climatological complexes, swimming pools and sports parks. A rating class of objects and services allows attributing «Golden Beach» to the best resorts of the world.

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"Victoria" SPA-Hotel
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«Victoria» SPA-Hotel (Yalta, Ukraine) is a hotel of De-Lux class with the highest level of comfort.

Its white building resembles a seashell with its smooth curving that copies the line of a small bay. Its seven floors rise as an amphitheater, while the plan arc provides advantageous observance from all hotel rooms to let the visitors enjoy themselves while looking around from open terraces on splendid sea views. The building outline follows the contours of coastal mountains, and the terrace with a façade full of abundant greenery completes its resemblance. Comfortable rooms are furnished up to the highest standards of five stars hotels.  The southern wall looking out across the sea is fully glazed.

The Hotel rating and marketing measures will be aimed at the creation of an exclusive center of high society and business life. The developed conception of the project implies attracting of such hotel operator as LHSM (Luxury Hotel Spa Management,, that will control the compliance of project solutions, construction quality and upkeep after putting into operation with the highest standards of a boutique hotel.

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Full-Time LEO’s Call-Center Will Start Working in March 2014

New structural department will significantly improve the quality of services rendered to the electricity consumers.

Shipment of Equipment to Yurkharovskoye Field

PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO" started shipping of the equipment to Yurkharovskoye oil and gas condensate field.

ZTR at "Energy 2013" Exhibition

PJSC "Zaporozhtransformator" (ZTR) participates in the annual specialized exhibition of energy technologies, industrial electronics and electrical technique "Energy-2013".


Energy Standard Fund Ltd. was founded on 31 December 2007 in Cyprus  in accordance with the Cyprus Company Act, Cap. 113 under the Company’s  registration number - HE 219165.

On 28 January 2008 Energy Standard Fund Ltd obtained an international private joint investment fund license, issued by the Central Bank of Cyprus (


Presentation of the Fund

Overview of Energy Standard Fund's Ltd assets

  • Production of transformers and electrical equipment
  • Production of equipment for oil and gas industry
  • Distribution of Electricity
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Real Estate Development