This direction includes the following self-controlled companies: "VINNYTSAOBLENERGO" PJSC, "OPERATION ELECTRIC NETWORKS ENTERPRISE "CENTRAL ENERGETIC COMPANY" PrJSC, "Lugansk Energy Association" LLC, as well as minority interests in "Poltavaoblenergo" PJSC, "Chernigivoblenergo" PJSC, "Sumyoblenergo" PJSC and other electric power companies.

  • The Fund successfully invests in energy supplying enterprises during 6 years.
  • These enterprises produce and supply electricity on the territory exceeding 137,000 square kilometers.
  • Total length of power lines of 220 kV and lower exceeds 195 000 km.
  • The Companies render services to more than 3,7 million consumers.
  • Average annual volume of power supply exceeds 15 450 million kW-hr.
  • More than 22,5 thousand employees work at the companies.
  • ElectricyElectricyElectricy
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    LLC "Lugansk Energy Association"
    • About
    • Management
    • Engineering capability
    • Contacts

    Limited Liability Company "Lugansk Energy Association" carries out its production activities on transmission and supply of electric energy in Lugansk region of Ukraine area of ​​26,700 square kilometers. The company is among the five largest companies in Ukraine in terms of energy supply.

    LLC "Lugansk Energy Association" provides electricity to 1,057,420 residential customers and also 24.820 consumers of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, where a large proportion of enterprises of metallurgical, chemical, engineering and coal mining.

    The energy company is the successor of electricity grids and substations, which was built in the last century. In general, the formation of electricity in Lugansk started in the 80 years of the XVIII century with the construction of a fully electrified munitions plant. Running the city's power in October 1913 and electricity supply to the

    homes of citizens is considered to be birthday power engineering Lugansk.

    In 1920, in Donbas was entered about 20% of operating capacity provided by the State Plan Electrification of Russia. Simultaneously with the development of power generation was carried out construction of electrical networks for energy industry and transport.

    By the early 70s in manufacturing Energy Association "Donbassenergo" with the control center in Gorlovka Donetsk region included all generation and transmission of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1995 for the restructuring of the industry according to the order the Ministry of Energy, the company shared. In "Donbassenergo" left power generating facilities and the supply and transmission of electricity became engaged SJSEC "Donetskoblenergo" SJSEC "Luganskoblenergo" and backbone electric grid.

    In 1998, the state joint-stock power supply company "Luganskoblenergo" was transformed into a joint stock company, and April 2, 2001, based on its base, Limited Liability Company "Lugansk Energy Association".

    Priorities of LLC "Lugansk Energy Association" are re-equipment, modernization of substations and power lines, improving transmission capacity Power System, the remote control of substations. Funding for these tasks is a major part of the annual investment program.

    In order to ensure high quality delivery and transmission of electricity in November 2009, LLC "Lugansk Energy Association" has been certified for compliance with the quality management system requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. Re-confirmation of the quality management system standard requirements was conducted in 2012.

    Hrytsay Vladimir Vladimirovich
    A.i. General Director

    Was born in 1968 in Alchevsk, Luhansk region.

    Education: DMMI (Donbas Mining-Metallurgical Institute).

    • 2001-2002 – Alchevskenerhokomplekt LLC, Deputy Director;
    • 2002-2004 – Vostochno-Ukrainskaya metallurhicheskaya kompaniya LLC, Deputy Supply Director;
    • 2004 – Akvaservis ZAO, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board;
    • 2004-2009 – Lugansk Energy Association LLC, Head of General Issues Department;
    • 2009-2011 - Lugansk Energy Association LLC, General Director;
    • 2011-2012 – Energy Servis LLC, Director;
    • 2012-2013 – Alchevskteplokommunenerho PHSU, Director;
    • 2013-2014 – Tsentrenerho PC, Supply Director;
    • Since March, 2014 - Lugansk Energy Association LLC, Business Supply Director;
    • Since November, 2014 - Lugansk Energy Association LLC, a.i. General Director.

    Mr. Viktor Chorniy
    Technical Director

    He graduated from Kharkov Engineering Pedagogical Institute, with a degree of "Power supply of industrial enterprises, municipalities and agriculture".

    In power engineering since 1979 - as Manager of area networks, the master, the deputy chief on Energosbyt, head of Kharkov RRES AK "Kharkovoblenergo".

    • In 2003-2004 - Deputy Director of the Technical Department of the distribution networks, LLC "Lugansk Energy Association";
    • 2004-2011 - Director of Technical Department LLC "Lugansk Energy Association";
    • 2011-2012 - Deputy Director of the Technical Department of the distribution networks, LLC "Lugansk Energy Association".
    • Since October 2012 - he is Technical Director of "Lugansk Energy Association".

    Volodina Irina Yurevna
    Financial Director

    Education: Donetsk State University in a degree in "Economics and social planning"; International Management Institute, Program for management development in a degree in "Finance and managerial accounting"; Deloitte Academy, "IFRS accounting".

    • 2003 – 2010 – Lugansk Energy Association LLC, principal economist, Deputy Head of Rates and Budgeting Department;
    • 2010 – 2011 - Lugansk Energy Association LLC, a.i. Head of Department of Finance and Economics, Head of Department of Finance and Economics;
    • 2011 – 2014 – Lugansk Energy Association LLC, Financial Director – Head of Finance Department;
    • Since June, 2014 - Lugansk Energy Association LLC, Financial Director.

    The technological base of this power supplier includes:

    - High-voltage network (35-110 kW), consisting of substations (110 kV - 85 pcs., 35 kV - 296 pcs.), Overhead power lines (110 kV - 2533.603 km., 35 kV - 3405.024 km), cables (14 82 km.)

    - Distribution Networks (0.4-6-10 kV), including overhead lines (6-10 kV - 9246.99 km., 0.4 kV - 17687.961 km.), Cable lines (6-10 kV - 2054.751

    km., 0.4 kV - 1364.964 km.), transformer substation (8322 pcs.), distribution points (144 pcs.).

    Total length of all lines LLC "Lugansk Energy Association" is 36 308.11 km.

    Personnel of LLC "Lugansk Energy Association" includes more than 6,000 people. The company has a two-tier management structure. The

    organizational structure of the enterprise consists of the administrative apparatus, consisting of ten Directorates and 21 district electrical networks.

    The primary tasks for Energy Company are retooling activities, modernization and reconstruction of technical base. These activities are aimed at improving the quality of electricity supply and reducing power losses.

    Limited Liability Company "Lugansk Energy Association"

    Gorkogo Street 123
    Starobilsk, Lugansk region, Ukraine

    +380 (6461) 212-83

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    JSC "Chernigivoblenergo"
    • About
    • Management
    • Engineering capability
    • Contacts

    Public Joint Stock Company "CHERNIGIVOBLENERGO" provides consumers of Chernigov region of Ukraine with electricity.

    The company is engaged in the development, maintenance and reconstruction of electric networks, provides transmission and distribution of electricity and provides technological joining of consumers and construction of new electricity grids.

    The concept of PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo" is to provide a quality and reliable power supply to consumers and the increasing demand for electricity in the region.

    The company’s customers are approximately 550,000 residential

    subscribers and 11,700 legal entities most of which agricultural and industrial. During the year through the electricity grid of PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo" passed approximately two billion kilowatt-hours of electricity.

    The history of development of the electric power industry in Chernigov region numbers more than 100 years, and the first attempt of electrification was undertaken in 1883. The modern stage of power grids development of the region began in 1998 from combining of Northern and Southern power grids, 22 power grid districts of Chernigiv region and Chernigov city power grids into a single company called Open Joint Stock Company Energy Supplier "CHERNIGIVOBLENERGO".

    The company’s modern name is PJSC "CHERNIGIVOBLENERGO" and it has been effective since 18 April 2011.

    PJSC "CHERNIGIVOBLENERGO" is a dynamically developing company that invests heavily in the development of electric power and new technologies, attracts the most qualified personnel, trains and motivates staff. Construction of power plants and the development of networks that occurring today, allow the Company to use modern technology and effective working hours, thereby creating new standards of quality in the field of power supply to consumers.

    Mr. Vladimir Tkach
    General Director

    He was born in 1972 in Odessa region.

    He graduated from Odessa National Polytechnic University, with a degree of "Electro-Technical Power Consumption Systems.

    Professional experience:

    • 1992-1998 - worked in PES BUT "Odesgorsvet" driver grid area;
    • 1998-2001 - appointed master grid area;
    • 2001-2002 - continued production activities in the Southern area of ​​electric networks of "EC Odessaoblenergo" as deputy chief YURES;
    • 2002-2003 - YURES appointed chief of "EC Odessaoblenergo";
    • 2003-2006 - Assistant Chairman of the Board approved on technical issues of "EC Odessaoblenergo";
    • 2006-2007 - Head of Kominternovsky district electrical networks of OJSC "EC Odessaoblenergo";
    • 2007-2008 - General Director of "EC Southern regional power";
    • 2008-2011 - Deputy Head of the Kyiv district administration Odessa City Council;
    • 2012 - Deputy General Director of "Lugansk Energy Association";
    • On November 1, 2012 he approved as General Director of LLC "Lugansk Energy Association".

    Mr. Dmitri Minaev
    Deputy Chairman of the Board

    He was born in 1965. Has a university degree. In 1994 Mr. Minaev graduated from Donbass Mining and Metallurgical Institute, with a degree of "Power and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes".

    Since November 2012 he has been working as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC "CHERNIGIVOBLENERGO". He possesses considerable managerial experience in conducting marketing projects, corporate communications aimed at business development and support.

    He began his production career as an electric equipment repair electrician at Kommunarskiy Metallurgical Works. Later he headed the divisions connected with the management of marketing products at metallurgical and energy enterprises. He was responsible for investment policy and procurement of OJSC "CHERKASYOBLENERGO". Before being appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC "CHERNIGIVOBLENERGO", he occupied the position of the Capital Construction and General Issues Director.

    Mr. Ruslan Stroiniy.
    Finance Director

    He was born in 1976. He graduated from Zaporozhye State University majoring in "Jurisprudence". Later he graduated from the Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kharkov, specializing in "Economy of enterprise".

    Since February 2010, he served as Finance Director of PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo." He executes functions of the financial and administrative management.

    Mrs. Julia. Gordienko
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer

    She was born in 1979. She graduated from the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, with a degree "Economy of enterprise".

    Since January 2010 she has been Deputy Finance director PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo." Mrs. Gordienko has considerable experience in the implementation of projects related to finance, analysis, optimization of business processes.

    PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo" delivers electricity to about 550 thousand residential customers and 12 thousand legal entities.

    Authorized fund is 29829506 UAH.

    The company operates 36,000 kilometers of overhead power lines and cables of different voltage classes, about 8,500 substations.

    For the year through the electrical grids of PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo" transmitted about 2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity.

    The company consists of 26 units: districts of electrical networks - 22 divisions, Chernigov city electrical networks, Northern high-voltage electrical grids, Southern High electrical grids, construction and transport management.

    The company owns Sednev HPP with the capacity 235 kW.

    Company's investment program for 2014 provides a means of around 80 million UAH for modernization, renovation and capital construction of power grids, power equipment, power optimization of transformer

    substations, implementation of new, modern technologies power grids service, the development of telecommunication systems, the implementation of information technology and many other aspects aimed at ensuring reliable operation of the power system in the region, reducing the technological expenses of electricity to its transmission, prevention of excessive Technological Power Consumption (TPC).

    The company employs 3,400 people.

    Public Joint Stock Company "Chernigivoblenergo"

    Gorky Str., 40
    Chernigov, Ukraine

    +38 (0462) 654-559
    +38 (0462) 654-759

    Information and Counseling Center

    Gorky Str., 37, 2nd floor,
    office 203, 207
    Chernigov, Ukraine

    +38 (0462) 654-081
    +38 (0462) 654-082

    Department of Public Relations and Media:

    +38 (0462) 654-501
    +38 (0462) 654-705

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    JSC "Sumyoblenergo"
    • About
    • Management
    • Engineering capability
    • Contacts

    The first local Power Plant in the Sumy region, built in 1902 (Sumy). In 1931 was founded the company "Sumenergo", the main task was development of electric field. State Joint Stock Power Supply Company "Sumyoblenergo" by separating power grid of Sumy region from power networks of Kharkov region was established in 1995. Company’s primary activity is - generation, transmission, and electricity to consumers in the region.

    In October 1998, by the decision of general meeting of shareholders was established OJSC "Sumyoblenergo" which became assignee of all rights and obligations of (SJSEC) "Sumyoblenergo". In April 22, 2011, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies", by the general meeting of shareholders of OJSC "Sumyoblenergo" the Company renamed into Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC) "Sumyoblenergo".

    The main activities of PJSC "Sumyoblenergo" is the transmission of electrical energy by (local) power grids, supplying of electricity at

    regulated tariffs, production of electricity by own hydroelectric power stations, which carried out according to license.

    On corporate website of PJSC "Sumyoblenergo" created the system of "My Account" which allows consumers to obtain an information about the amount of consumed and paid electricity, existing debt, benefits and subsidies, transfer indicators of electricity. Every registered user on his personal page can view the information about date of the contract, contractual value of power consumption limit.

    In the branches of the company operates and set up service centers on «single window» for consumer’s payments for the consumed electricity, provides consultations on various issues conclude agreements for use of electricity, issue privileges, subsidies.

    Besides the key activities, the company also provides to the population and region organizations paid services:

    • Joining to of power grids newly reconstructed technically upgraded electrical customers that are legal entities of all forms of ownership to individuals - entrepreneurs and the public;
    • Restore of electricity;
    • Repair of electrical equipment consumers;

    And also at the request of consumers inspects and expertise of metering devices, schemes and of their linkup correct operation, the operational and technical maintenance of electrical installations, customers, etc.

    Improve existing call center which now covers the consumers of Sumy and Sumy region. Soon, due to the new information system and telecommunications will expand the field of customer service. In particular, consumers will be provided round the clock response call-center operators, or automatically on incoming phone calls.

    Mr. Igor Dyrbavka
    Chairman of the Board

    Has higher education. In 1983 graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas Institute on a specialty "Electrical industrial enterprises, municipalities and agriculture". From 1986-1990 he worked in various management positions of Transcarpathia. From the late 90s to 2005, he worked in various management positions of "Prykarpattyaoblenergo". From 2005 – he worked as a Deputy General Director - Chairman of the Board of "Central Energy Company".

    In March 2010 he was elected as Chairman of the Board of PJSC "Sumyoblenergo".

    Paliychuk Serhiy Vasylyovych
    Deputy Chairman of the Board

    Was born in May, 1975, in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Power engineer. Received higher education.

    In 1994 graduated from Kalush Chemical Technology College with a degree in "Electrical supply of electrical and civil structures". In 2001 graduated from National University Lviv Polytechnic with a degree of an electrical engineer.

    From 1994 till 2000 worked in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region at potassium and magnesium plants of Oriana JSC.

    In 2000 Serhiy Vasylyovych got a job at Kalush distribution zone of Prykarpattyaoblenergo PJSC. He began his career as an inspector, since a year became a cable production supervisor, later was appointed as a chief engineer and Kalush Distribution Zone Energy Audit Deputy Head.

    In January, 2014, he was appointed as a head of Dolyna distribution zone, a branch of Prykarpattyaoblenergo PJSC.

    Since February 26, 2015 has been working as a Sumyoblenergo PJSC Deputy Chairman of the Board.

    PJSC "Sumyoblenergo" supplies electricity to 517 100 subscribers, of which 504 633 are domestic.

    By power networks of PJSC "Sumyoblenergo" transmitted approximately 2,3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

    The structure of total electricity consumption by consumers of JSC "Sumyoblenergo" 2017:

    • Industrial consumers - 45.5% (including transit - 17.5%);
    • Population - 35.5%;
    • Agriculture - 3.4%;
    • Non-industrial consumers - 12.2%;
    • Other consumers - 3.4%.

    The Company includes 17 branches - structural subdivisions of regional electric networks.

    The investment program for 2018 includes investment in development of the company in the amount of

    UAH 176 654 000.00 determines the priorities in the areas of activity, the sequence of stages of long-term investment plans, providing technical development of the company and the reliability of supply.

    On the balance of JSC "Sumyoblenergo" are:

    Voltage overhead power lines:

    • 35-110 kV - 3515,2 km,
    • 6-10 kV - 10,862,1 km,
    • 0.4 kV - 14731,9 km,

    Voltage cable lines:

    • 6-10 kV - 1264,6 km,
    • 0.4 kW - 917,5 km.

    The total length of transmission lines is 0,4-110 kV is 31 291,3 km.

    At the balance of the company are 37 substations with voltage 110 kV transformers with a total installed capacity of 1304.3 MVA, 142 substation voltage 35 kV with installed capacity of 603.6 MVA and 7235 voltage transformer substation of 6-10/0, 4 kV. 7414 substations total.

    PJSC "Sumyoblenergo" includes: Nyzivska HPS, where installed three hydrogenerators with nominal capacity of 160 kW each, M. Vorozhbyanska HPS with two hydrogenerators of 175 kW, Michaylivska HPS with two hydrogenerators to 95 kW. The total installed capacity is 1.02 MW generators.

    Authorized fund of the company is 44,281,374 UAH.

    As of Feb 01, 2018 the company employs 3,405 people.

    Public Joint Stock Company "Sumyoblenergo"

    Ivan Sirko Str., 7
    Sumy, Ukraine

    Phone / Fax:
    +380 (542) 659-433
    +380 (542) 786-424


    0 800 300-247 (Ukraine)

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    JSC "Vinnitsaoblenergo"
    • About
    • Management
    • Engineering capability
    • Contacts

    Public Joint Stock Company "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" provides with electricity consumers of Vinnitsa region of Ukraine. PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" performs license activities of transmission and distribution of electric power at regulated tariffs of NERC 0,4-110 kV power grids.

    The clients of the company are approximately 756 473 thousand residential customers and nearly 20,000 entities. The development of electricity in the Vinnitsa region brings us to the far 1880 when was built the first electric power plant 544 kW on Zhmerinka station. And in

    1907 was built the first hydroelectric power station in Ukraine 50 kW on the river Pivdennii Bug in Tivriv. The company has an active museum of Podillya electricity development.

    Creating a power grid Industrial Energy Association "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" began on August 27, 1960. On the basis of PEO "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" enterprise was established NUTS "Vinnytsyaoblenergo", which since January 1999 renamed into Open Joint-Stock Company "Joint-Stock Company Vinnytsyaoblenergo", and in March 2011 - at publicly Stock Company "Vinnytsyaoblenergo."

    The development strategy of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" aims to increase reliability of electric power supply, improve the technical condition of electric power, increase sales of electricity, improve the quality and services provided to our customers-consumers.

    Our goal is - to achieve the European standards.

    Mr. Andrey Polishchuk
    General Director

    He was born in 1978. He graduated from the Vinnitsa State Technical University with specialty "Electric Stations". He also has another higher economic education with specialty "Accounting and Auditing". He graduated from the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Management of National Public Management Academy of the President of Ukraine and gained a qualification of public management master. He is a candidate of technical science with specialty "Electric Stations, Networks and Systems".

    He started his professional activity in 1995 as an electrician at "Vinnitsa East High Voltage Electric Networks". He worked as an engineer, inspector, senior engineer-inspector, head of control group of power supply inspectorate service of OJSC "Vinnitsaoblenergo", Power Supply Deputy Director of Vinnitsa City Electric Networks, and Commercial Director of LLC "LЕО". On 11 September 2014 he was appointed as the Director General of PJSC "Vinnitsaoblenergo". Prior to being appointed as the Director General Mr. Andrey Polishchuk worked as the Company's Commercial Director.

    Lapa Volodymyr Petrovych
    Chief Technology Officer

    Volodymyr Petrovych was born in 1976 in Chernihiv. Graduated from Chernihiv Technological Institute in 1998 with a degree of an engineering officer.

    Worked as a works foreman, a superintendent, State Enterprise "NPC "Ukrenergo" Chernihiv Transmission Electrical Network' Substations Department Deputy Head, Vinnytsyaoblenerho PJSC Reliability and Accident Prevention Department Deputy Head, Deputy Chief Engineer and Vinnytsyaoblenerho PJSC "Vinnytski vysokovoltni elektrychni merezhi" SU Chief Engineer.

    Since February 2, 2015 - Vinnytsyaoblenerho PJSC Chief Technology Officer.

    Danylenko Serhiy Valeriyovych
    Business Support Head

    During recent 10 years worked as Vinnytsyaoblenerho PJSC «Zamostyanski elektrychni merezhi» SU.

    Graduated from Vinnytsia State Technical University in 1995 with a degree of electrical engineer.

    Worked as an inspector foreman, an engineer at Zamostyanski elektrychni merezhi, audit head, Vinnytsya City Electrical Network Electricity Supply Deputy Head and Zamostyanski elektrychni merezhi Electricity Supply Deputy Head.

    Since February 2, 2015 - Vinnytsyaoblenerho PJSC Business Support Head.

    Ms. Anna Pistruzhak
    Commercial Director

    She has two higher educations, in 1994 she graduated with honor from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with specialization in electrical engineer and National Trade and Economy University (2012), having obtained the diploma of specialist in jurisprudence. She started her professional activity as a 1st category inspection technician at JSC Kyivenergo.

    She worked also as an engineer of electricity settlement division of Power Supply Department of JSC Kyivenergo, later at PJSC "Kyivenergo" as a Head of Power Supply Agreements Department at SVP "Energosbyt Kyivenergo", as the deputy head of Normative and Methodological Support Department of SVP "Energosbyt Kyivenergo", Deputy Head of Legal Consumers Department of "Vostochnyi" power supply region of SVP "Energosbyt Kyivenergo". Ms. Anna Pistruzhak's total length of service in energy sector lasts for 17 years.

    Kyslenko Lydmyla Mykolayivna
    Financial Director

    Was born in Sumy region, studied in Kharkiv, graduated from Kharkiv Electrical and Tecnical School with a degree in "Programming for mathematical machines". After that she studied at Zaporizhia Industrial Institute where in 1993 received a degree of engineer-economist. As for her working activity, she worked as an economist at Zaporozhye Transformer Plant, a senior economist at Zaporizkiy zavod kolyorovih splaviv LLC, an economist for 10 years, then a Head of Economics, Labour and Rate-making Department and a Deputy Head of Department of Finance and Economics at Zaporizhgas PJSC. Recent place of employment - Kyivoblhas PJSC as a Head of Department of Finance and Economics and a.i. Deputy Chairman of Board of Department of Finance and Economics.

    Mr. Grygoriy Zheleznov
    Capital Construction and Investments Director

    He was born in 1958. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Engineering and Construction Institute. From 1985 till 2004 he worked as a foreman at DPZ-18 and then as the section foreman and repair and construction workshop head. Starting from 2004 he has been working at PJSC "Vinnytsaoblenergo". In October 2014 he was appointed as the Capital Construction and Investments Director.

    Mr. Vitaliy Khrebtiy
    HR Director

    He was born in 1957. In 1979 he graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Electric drive and automation of industrial plants".

    Since June 2012 holds the position of HR Director of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo".

    His professional career began as an engineer of central dispatching service facilities and technological management PEO "Vinnytsyaenergo". He worked as a head of production laboratory service relay protection and automation, the chairman of the trade union PEO "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" deputy head of the Vinnytsia Regional Council of heads of trade unions of workers power and electrical industry.

    Since 1996 - he is a Deputy Chairman of the Board on personnel, general and social issues OJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo" director of personnel, social and general issues of OJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo" Director of Personnel and Social Affairs of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo".

    He was awarded: sign "Energy of Ukraine", 2005, mark "Honorary Energy of Ukraine", 2006, the honorary title "Honored Power Engineer Ukraine", 2009.

    Mr. Alexander Chechenev
    Director of Asset Protection

    He was born on 1955. In 1977 he graduated from Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Power Plants". Since July 2013 the director of asset protection PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo". Began his career as an electrician for repair the power substation equipment 330-750 kV Vinnitsa enterprises EM Engineer Directorate Dniester cascade hydropower construction, service in the armed forces, engineer 750kV VTSPEM, service in public safety, OP "National Power Company "UKRENERGO".

    Mr. Sergiy Kozak
    Director of Labor Safety

    He was born on 1955. In 1977 he graduated from Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute majoring in "electricity industry, municipalities and agriculture".

    Work began on the position of inspector energy inspection PEO "Vinnytsyaenerho", then - serving in the armed forces, an engineer on the operation of power networks, a senior security engineer on technics, a leading engineer of safety VTSPEM PEO "Vinnytsyaenerho", head of safety VTSVEM VAT "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo", Deputy Head of safety OJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo", head of safety JSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo".

    Mr. Ruslan Kravets
    Director of Legal Work

    He was born on 1974. In 1996 he graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Internal Affairs of the specialty "Jurisprudence".

    Since June 2013 he works as a Director of Legal Work of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo". He worked as legal counsel and legal department of the contractual provision dikes "Vinnytsyaoblenergo"  the deputy head of the contractual and legal support of OJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo" Director of General Affairs JSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo", deputy director of business on JSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" Deputy Director for Capital Construction and investments PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo".

    Mr. Yuri Tomashewski
    IT Director

    He was born on 1981. In 2003 he graduated from Vinnitsa National Technical University, "Electrical systems and networks".

    Since June 2012 he works as IT Director of JSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo".

    He began his career with a position of engineer, then the engineer NTB.

    Since 2003, software engineer of Zamostyanskiy EM OJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo" Software Engineer Service OJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo", IT- manager of the Russian association of express carriers, programmer analyst computer networks of "Ukrenerhosystema" develop billing systems.

    Mrs. Alla Zinyuk
    Chief Accountant

    She was born in 1961. In 2001 she graduated from the Ternopol Academy of National Economy, "Finance and Credit".

    From March 2011 she works as a Chief Accountant of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo".

    She worked as an accountant on enterprise of distribution network, leading accountant leader of the "Mali GES", Chief Accountant of JSC "Podolsk energy company" Deputy Chief Accountant "Hydro cascade" Deputy Chief Accountant "Energoinvest", Deputy Chief Accountant of OJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo", Chief Accountant of PJSC "AK Vinnytsyaoblenergo".

    PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" delivers the electricity for approximately 756,473 residential customers and thousands of almost 20 thousand legal entities.

    Authorized capital of the company is 30973660 UAH.

    The Company operates with 43006 km of overhead and cable power lines, 10318 substations of different voltage classes.

    Annually through the grid of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" passed about 2.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity.

    The company has 31 structural units among which 28 regional power grids, Vinnitsa high voltage electrical networks,

    "Vinnitsaenergonaladka", SC "Hotel Energetic".

    On the balance sheet of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" are the five small hydropower plants: Bratslavska with the capacity of 0.4 MW, Hlybochanska - 6.13 MW, Dmytrenkivska - 0.519 MW, Skalopilska - 0.46 MW and Chernyatska - 1.4 MW. The total capacity of mentioned objects is 8.9 MW. Hydro power stations are leased by LLC "Energoinvest".

    The investment program of PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" for 2014 provides the implementation of a set of measures totaling 68.923 million UAH (excl. VAT ).

    The funds are planned to extend for the modernization and

    reconstruction of electric grids, the introduction of modern technologies of electric service, the development of telecommunications and communication of information technology and a variety of other activities.

    Investment program in 2014 aimed on providing of consumers with a reliable company with quality electric power, technological power consumption reduction, improved technical condition of electrical grids based training them in harsh weather conditions, reduced abnormal power consumption and, in general, improve service delivery for all transmission and electricity supply by the company.

    Public Joint Stock Company "Vinnytsyaoblenergo"

    1-May Str., 2
    Vinnitsa, Ukraine

    +380 (432) 525-059
    +380 (432) 525-011

    Information and Consulting Center

    Soborna Str., 50
    office 201, 203
    Vinnitsa, Ukraine

    +380 (432) 525-047
    +380 (432) 659-683
    +380 (432) 659-684
    +380 (432) 659-685

    Mrs. Tatyana Pavlichenko
    Press secretary

    +380 (432) 659-607

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    JSC "Poltavaoblenergo"
    • About
    • Management
    • Engineering capability
    • Contacts

    Public Joint-Stock Company "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" transfers and supplies electricity to customers of the Poltava Region of Ukraine.

    The main types of license activity are production of electricity, transmission of electricity by local electric grids, supply of electricity under the tariffs regulated by the National Commission for State Energy Regulation, production of thermal energy and rendering of heating services.

    Totally there are 729 thousand consumers of electricity supplied by "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" PJSC, where:

    • legal persons amount to 18,1 thousand;
    • household consumers - 710,9 thousand.

    There are 60,2 thousand consumers of thermal energy supplied by "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" PJSC, where:

    • Legal persons amount to 1,5 thousand;
    • household users amount to 58,7 thousand.

    The main task of the Company is to provide continuous and proper supplying of electricity to the region, and to supply thermal energy to consumers from Kremenchug city, as well as to support fruitful cooperation with the consumers.

    Electrification of the Poltava Region originates from 1880. In addition to Poltava in pre-revolutionary years Lubny and Kremenchug cities also had their own thermal power plants.

    The modern stage of development of electric grids of the region began in 1960-70s. In 1995 the power supplying company - "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" was established separately from "Kharkovenergo" PEO" on the basis of such enterprises as: Poltava Southern, Eastern and Lubenkoe. In 1998 "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" was reorganized as an open joint stock company.

    In April 2011 the Regular General Meeting of Shareholders of "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" resolved to change the organizational form of the company from the open joint stock company into the public joint stock company.

    Mr Yevgeniy Yuryevich Zasimenko
    Chairman of the Board.

    In 1976 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State University on specialty of "Aerohydrodynamics".

    He has been working as the Director of PJSC "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" since March 2010.

    Ms Elena Petrovna Angelova
    Deputy Chairman of the Board

    In 1982 she graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute on specialty "Industrial Thermal Energetics". In 1993 she obtained a specialist diploma of "Economy and Organization of Metallurgy".

    Since May 2010 she has been working as the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

    Mr Sergey Ivanovych Martynyuk
    Financial Director.

    In 1998 he graduated from the Poltava State Agricultural Institute, on the specialty "Accounting and Finance", obtained the qualification of "Accounting and Financial Economist". In 1999 he graduated with the Master degree and obtained a diploma of "Accounting and Finance". Since March 2010 he has been working as the Financial Director.

    Mr Yuriy Vasilyevich Vyshar
    Deputy Financial Director.

    In 1998 he graduated from the Poltava State Agricultural Institute, on the specialty "Accounting and Auditing", obtained the qualification of "Accounting and Financial Economist". In 2001 he graduated with the Master degree and obtained a diploma of "Accounting and Auditing", Master Accounting qualification.

    Since January 2012 he has been working as the Deputy Financial Director.

    At present the Company includes 28 affiliates in each administrative district of the region with the central office in Poltava city.

    "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" PJSC includes the Kremenchug Thermal Power Station with the electric capacity of 255 MW and thermal capacity of 1131 GCal/hour on terms of long-term lease.

    The Company's authorized capital amounts to UAH 55 240 000.

    Now the Company renders services (operates) 42 223 km of aerial and

    cable power lines with voltage of 0,4-150 kilovolt, 206 transformer substations with voltage of 35-150 kilovolt and about 10 thousand 10/0,4 kilovolt. PJSC "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" transferred 5,6 milliard kilowatt/hour of electricity per year. In 2013 the Kremenchug Thermal Power Station of PJSC "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" produced 935 kilowatt/hour of electric power and 1418,845 thousand GCal of thermal power.

    5745 employees work at the central office and 28 affiliates of the company.

    The Company's investment program for 2014 provides monetary funds for modernisation, reconstruction, and capital construction of power lines, electric equipment, capacities of transformer substations, implementation of new and advanced technologies for maintenance of power lines, development of telecommunications, implementation of information technologies and a number of other aspects connected with providing of efficient operation of power system in the region, reducing of power technology costs incidental to its transfer and prevention of excessive technological power consumption rates.

    Public Joint-Stock Company «POLTAVAOBLENERGO»

    Stariy Podol Str., 5
    Poltava, Ukraine

    +380 (532) 516-359
    +380 (532) 516-120

    Information and Consulting Center

    Pr. Mira, 36
    Poltava, Ukraine

    +380 (532) 510-565
    +380 (532) 510-564

    PR and Mass Media Department

    +380 (532) 516-256
    +380 (532) 516-174
    +380 (532) 516-118

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    Kremenchuk TPP
    • About
    • Management
    • Engineering capability
    • Contacts

    Kremenchug Thermal Power Station is situated in the centre of the North Industrial Complex of Kremenchug in the Poltava Region.

    This power station was designed as a structural sub-division of local petrol refinery.

    On 31 December 1965 the Station was put into operation stage by stage by putting of the first turbo generator into use. In December 1972 the last station turbo generator that was the fourth one was put into

    operation. In 1999 Kremenchug Thermal Power Station was included into "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" OJSC on terms of long-term lease.

    Nowadays the Station is the sole powerful enterprise that produces electricity in the Poltava Region. The plant satisfies ¼ of the regional needs in electricity and provides the consumers of the left bank of Kremenchug city with thermal power, as well produces thermal steam power of 10-16 at, 43 at for technical needs of Kremenchug Petroleum Refinery.

    At Kremenchug Thermal Power Station the programme of modernization and updating of the equipment and implementation of advanced technologies and automation of production is being rapidly developed. This programme is aimed at improving of reliability of the operation of key and auxiliary equipment. The station having great potential gained during the operation is able to provide high competitiveness in conditions of power market of Ukraine.

    Mr Alexey Nikolayevich Alexeenko

    In 1997 he graduated from the State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, specialty: "Processing of metals by pressure".

    In 2001 he obtained the diploma on the specialty: "Finance" that was issued by the Dnepropetrovsk National University.

    He has been managing Kremenchug Thermal Power Station since March 2013.

    Mr. Oleg Vitalyevich Vertepnyi
    Deputy Director - Senior Engineer

    In 1992 he graduated from the Moscow Energetic Institute, his speciality was "Power energetic systems and networks".

    Since July 2013 he has been working as the Deputy Director – Senior Engineer of Kremenchug Thermal Power Station.

    Aggregate power capacity - 255 Megawatt.

    Aggregate thermal capacity - 1175 Gcal/hour.

    Total length of  highway heating networks is equal to 120 km.

    The main fuel of Kremenchug Thermal Power Station is natural gas, while mazut is considered as the reserve one.   Gas is supplied from gas-main pipeline Dikanka - Kremenchug – Krivoy Rog.

    The technical water supply system is circulating. Technical water is diverted from the central water pipeline. The technical water supply

    system consists of two chimney-type cooling towers with capacity of 8000 m3/hour and a mechanical-draft tower with the capacity of 6000 m3/hour. Chemical water treatment workshop is one of the largest at the power stations of Ukraine and includes water pre-treatment units and water desalination and softening units.

    Kremenchug Thermal Power Station
    is "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" PJSC's affiliate

    Svishtovskaya Street, 2
    Kremenchug, Ukraine

    +380 (536) 760-569
    +380 (536) 760-571
    +380 (536) 760-641
    +380 (536) 760-647

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    PJSC "Central Energy Company"
    • About
    • Management
    • Engineering capability
    • Contacts

    Private Joint Stock Company "COMPANY FOR USE ELECTRIC NETWORKS "CENTRAL POWER COMPANY "- power transmission company that provides transmission and distribution of electricity to consumers in Dnepropetrovsk and Dnepropetrovsk region.

    Total area service region is 20070 m. km.

    In 2006 the company moved beyond the Dnipropetrovsk region and started its activity on the territory of the Zaporozhye region. In March 2008, an agreement was concluded on the sharing of OJSC "Zaporozhyeoblenergo" networks.


    PJSC "Central Energy Company" is constantly developing and increasing its capacity. Annually, the company is expanding the territory of activity by accession of new electricity transmission facilities. Accordingly, the increasing amounts of electricity transmission, and increase earnings. Despite the age of 11 years, PJSC "Central Energy Company" has a modern technical potential and highly qualified staff with extensive experience, ensuring trouble-free operation and high quality services provided by the company.

    For high performance and ensuring profitability on main business activity - distribution of electricity PJSC "Central Energy Company" was noted by the State as" Industry Leader 2007 "," 2008 Industry Leader "," Industry Leader 2010 "," 2012 Company of the region. "For improvement of social - economic situation in the city, region and state, for providing jobs, improving the living standards of workers, for their contribution to the social protection of the population PJSC "Central Energy Company" noted by National Expert Commission of Ukrainian rating " Ukrainian Business Olympics "a  medal" Pride of Ukraine Business 2013 . "

    Mr. Nicolai Corsa
    General Director - Chairman of the Board

    In 1989 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State College of Automation and remote control. In 2002 he graduated from Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University and qualified as an engineer - electrician. Since 2003 he works in PJSC "Central Energy Company". In 2009, by General Meeting of Shareholders was elected as General Director - Chairman of the Board.

    PJSC "Central Energy Company"- license holder of electricity transmission site (local) electric networks in Dnepropetrovsk and Dnepropetrovsk region since 2004.

    Authorized fund is UAH 66,400,400.

    Transmission of electricity, the company operates more than two thousand miles of overhead and cable lines with a voltage of 0.4 - 154 kV, 31 substations of 35 - 154 kV, 700 substations with voltage 6 - 10 kV with total capacity of 1.5 thousand MVA.

    The annual volume of electricity transmission networks of the company for 2012 is 1 271.4 million kW. hours.

    The company consists of nine areas of electrical networks.

    Business investment program for 2013 includes development costs in the amount of 21.3 mln., Of which 76% - for the construction, development and modernization of electricity grids and equipment.

    Team of the company has more than 600 people.

    PJSC “Central Energy Company”

    D. Kedrina Str., 28
    Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
    +38 (0562) 310-384
    +38 (0562) 386-462

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    Full-Time LEO’s Call-Center Will Start Working in March 2014

    New structural department will significantly improve the quality of services rendered to the electricity consumers.

    Shipment of Equipment to Yurkharovskoye Field

    PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO" started shipping of the equipment to Yurkharovskoye oil and gas condensate field.

    ZTR at "Energy 2013" Exhibition

    PJSC "Zaporozhtransformator" (ZTR) participates in the annual specialized exhibition of energy technologies, industrial electronics and electrical technique "Energy-2013".


    Energy Standard Fund Ltd. was founded on 31 December 2007 in Cyprus  in accordance with the Cyprus Company Act, Cap. 113 under the Company’s  registration number - HE 219165.

    On 28 January 2008 Energy Standard Fund Ltd obtained an international private joint investment fund license, issued by the Central Bank of Cyprus (http://www.centralbank.gov.cy).


    Presentation of the Fund

    Overview of Energy Standard Fund's Ltd assets

    • Production of transformers and electrical equipment
    • Production of equipment for oil and gas industry
    • Distribution of Electricity
    • Transport and Logistics
    • Real Estate Development