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This site contains information about Energy Standard Fund Limited, a company established under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, being a holder of a private international joint investment fund’s license issued by the Central Bank of Cyprus on January 28, 2008 (hereinafter referred to as the Fund), as well as information about some companies whose shares in the authorized capital are directly or indirectly owned by the Fund (hereinafter – Fund’s companies).

All informative materials are posted on this site for informational purposes only and are intended for current shareholders and counterparties of the Fund, as well as for customers and counterparties of the Fund’s companies. The information presented on this site should not be construed as giving investment advice or a legal advice. By taking investment decisions one should not rely on the information provided on this site.

Persons who do not agree with the rules and limitations set forth in this User Agreement shall cease using the resources of this site and leave it.

Any user spreading in any form the information posted on this website to a third party, shall provide at Fund’s request a printout of the present User Agreement signed by such third party, that will confirm the acceptance of the terms of this User Agreement by such third party.

Access to Information Resources of the Site:

The Fund gives you the right to use the information resources available on this site, provided that you agree to the terms of this User Agreement and any other rules and restrictions that apply to the entire site or parts thereof. The Fund is entitled at any time to further limit your right to use the information resources available on this site.

The Site Content:

Despite of the fact that the Fund and Fund’s companies strive to ensure accuracy, reliability and relevance of the information contained on this website, the Fund does not warrant the adequacy, accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information provided and assumes no liability that has arisen or may arise as a result of any inaccuracy in case of using such information. The Fund has the right at any time and without prior notice to change or supplement the information previously posted on the site.

Trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights:

All logos displayed on this Site are the registered trademarks, the use of which should be agreed with the title holders. Web site design is the intellectual property of the Fund, so any copying and using of the images and information materials posted on this site shall require the written permission of the Fund.

Related Sites:

On its website the Fund may publish hypertext links to sites of other organizations and companies, including those of the Fund’s companies. And the Fund is not liable for the accuracy, reliability and relevance of the information posted on the websites of these organizations and companies. When you follow the link from the Fund’s website to any other site, you should understand that the Fund does not excise any control over the content of websites of other organizations and companies.

Final Provisions:

The Fund is entitled to amend the terms of this User Agreement. After the publication of an updated version of the User Agreement on this website the terms of using the information resources of this site shall be governed by the new version of the User Agreement.

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Energy Standard Fund Ltd. was founded on 31 December 2007 in Cyprus  in accordance with the Cyprus Company Act, Cap. 113 under the Company’s  registration number - HE 219165.

On 28 January 2008 Energy Standard Fund Ltd obtained an international private joint investment fund license, issued by the Central Bank of Cyprus (


Presentation of the Fund

Overview of Energy Standard Fund's Ltd assets

  • Production of transformers and electrical equipment
  • Production of equipment for oil and gas industry
  • Distribution of Electricity
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Real Estate Development